BTS powersafe

Using the Belotti “BTS POWERSAFE” solution your AC Connected units, such as rectifiers, Inverter and air condition units, will continue operating even during
extreme mains voltage variation without need for the back-up generator to switch-on and, furthermore, thanks to the Galvanic Isolation provided by the Isolation transformer all the site will be totally protected from any Mains “problem” as well as protected from surges and spikes by our three poles Surge Protection.

Working hours of back-up generators will dramatically decrease.

BTS powersafe – PWM

Belotti Variatori introduce the latest IGBT solid state power electronics technology
(patent pending) in the voltage stabilisation field. Variable transformer, driving engine and specific voltage control circuit of electromechanical stabilizer are eliminated by the use of solid state IGBT switch. No moving parts (brushless) and perfect magnetic/electronic integration allows high stabilization precision
(± 1%) and speed 30ms, complete range linearity (no holes in the regulation range)
and more efficient voltage resolution than any other electromechanical stabilizers.